Graduated License Program (GLP)


ICBC Approved Graduated Licensing Program  (GLP)


Completing the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is the most effective way to prepare new drivers for a lifetime of safe, responsible driving. Unlike traditional driver training that limits its focus on road rules and basic vehicle control, our GLP course also features an in-depth study of new- driver risk factors, individual personalities, and lifestyle variables. Furthermore, this course is designed for students to develop self-awareness of their driving abilities as they learn to continually evaluate themselves throughout their years behind the wheel.


The aim of this extensive training program is to reduce the number of crashes among new drivers by allowing them to gain experience gradually while being exposed to less risk. By integrating in-car and classroom learning experiences, students absorb the learning outcomes and are able to apply them while driving. You can reduce your child’s crash risk by 40% by enrolling them in our GLP program.


The Integrity Driving School for New Drivers Graduated Licensing Program is a 32-hour program open to all learner drivers in the greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley. Completion of the program will reduce your “N” stage from 24 to 18 months and 2 credits towards high school graduation in British Columbia.


Our 32 Hour ICBC-Approved Basic GLP course includes:

  • 12 Hours One on One In Car Driving Lessons
  • 16 Hours ICBC Approved GLP Classroom Based Course
  • 4 Hour Online Training Program
  • Emergency Manouver Training
  • Eco-Driving Techniques
  • Reduce your “N” Stage 24 to 18 months
  • Recieve 2 Credits towards High School Graduation in British Columbia


Total Price: $1469

Add Road Test Package (1.5 hour warm up and car rental) $245


GLP Gold Package includes :

  • 32 Hours GLP Course
  • Additional 12 Hours of Driving Lessons

Total Price: $2540

Add Road Test Package (1.5 hour warm up and car rental) $245


GLP Platinum Package includes :

  • 32 Hours GLP Course
  • Additional 18 Hours of Driving Lessons

Total Price: $3060

Add Road Test Package (1.5 hour warm up and car rental) $240


Register with a friend and both of you will receive a $25 discount on the GLP Program!


  • ICBC road test fees are not included in our prices
  • You can complete your package by choosing to add the Road Test service to your GLP course at the time you register. Save on the Road Test Package cost and GST*. Secondary school students only


GLP Course Schedule:

Please call our office 604-744-1222 or toll free 1-833-78-DRIVE

email us


Please Note: *GST and ICBC fees are not included in prices. ICBC recommends at least 60 hours of practice driving prior to taking the first Class 7N road test. Learning with an instructor, then practicing at home, has proven to be the best approach to passing the road test the first time. Prices above are for Abbotsford Locations only. Please call for other territory rates.  At Integrity Driving School we believe that quality education should be available to everyone and therefore we offer FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS PLANS. Please speak with an Integrity Driving School representative for more information.


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