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Class 1, 2, 3, & 4 -Driving commercial vehicles

Driving Commercial Vehicles is a guide to operating commercial vehicles and air brakes.
Study this guide to prepare for your test to get a:

  • B.C. commercial driver’s licence (Class 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • air brake endorsement, or
  • heavy trailer endorsement

Driving Commercial Vehicles can also help you sharpen your driving skills, keep on top of regulations and much more.

Read Driving Commercial Vehicles:

Class 5/7-Tuning Up for Drivers

Prepare for your Class 7 (novice) road test or brush up on your driving skills with Tuning Up for Drivers.

Who’s it for? Tuning Up for Drivers is a hands-on guide for new drivers in the learning (L) stage of graduated licensing. It’ll help you and your supervisor while you’re practising.
If you’re a new resident, it’ll help you study for your road test.

Study Tuning Up for Drivers:

Class 6/8- Tuning up for Riders guide

Get ready for your Class 6 (or Class 8) road test or brush up on your riding skills with Tuning up for Riders.

Tuning up for Riders is a guide to learn how to ride a motorcycle with off-street, low traffic, moderate traffic and higher speed practice. It is designed to guide you through your riding practice sessions.

How Tuning up for Riders can help:

  • New riders and their supervisors: prepare for your Class 8 and Class 6 road tests
  • New residents to B.C.: study for your road test
  • Other riders: study for your re-examination road test or brush up on your riding skills

Study Tuning up for Riders:


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