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Class 1 Truck Instructor Course

In order to qualify as a licensed driving instructor in British Columbia, the ICBC requires you to complete an instructor-training course. After successfully completing this course, send your documentation to ICBC with your licensing fee and you will receive your instructor’s license by mail. When you obtain your Driver Training Instructor’s License, you can teach driver training anywhere in British Columbia.

ICBC requires that all Instructor candidates take a minimum 159 hour training course.  The first 105 hours of the course are devoted to Instruction techniques for Class 5 Driver training and the final 54 hours is for Class 1 Driving Instructor training.   For full ICBC requirements to become a Class 1 Instructor click here.

Our Class 1 Truck Instructor Training Course blends a unique union of practical on-road driving experience with valuable in-class theory instruction. Our Instructor Training Course covers a variety of truck training skills and maneuvers to ensure our trainees acquire the expertise to elevate students beyond industry standards.


Some of the topics taught and discussed are:

* Effective communication techniques
* Coaching Techniques
* Lesson Planning
* Laws of Learning
* Vehicle Components
* Pre Trip Inspection
* Shifting Techniques
* Uncouple & Couple Procedures
* Student learning curves
* Observation skills
* Coaching techniques
* Advanced skill development
* Troubleshooting
* Teaching basic and complex maneuvers
* Maintaining Student Records
* MELT Orientation Course (MOC)

Effective driver trainers of all license types need to be more than just good drivers. Truck Instructors need to take their effectiveness to the next level, given the size, presence, and responsibility that truckers and their vehicles command on the road. Our Class 1 Truck Instructor Training Course develops the next generation of drivers and the Instructors who train them.


Class 1 Truck Instructor Training Course (54 hours)

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